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You can manifest a better life -- just by changing your style

Did you know that you can manifest a better life -- just by changing your style?

You will love this fascinating documentary about the men and women living in the Congo who have done just that.

They dress in extravagant clothing as a way of expressing to the outside world who they truly are.

Subjected to a life of poverty and survival, their clothing signifies to their oppressors that they will not be defined by THEIR rules.

They make their own rules by dressing the way THEY choose.

By doing so, they have created a movement that has completely changed their lives.

I love this quote from the documentary:

"Whites may have introduced clothing to Central Africa, but the naked savages have become cooler and more elegant than their hopelessly frump colonizers."

Truth: the right clothing can have a profound effect on you spiritually. Type yes if you agree.

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How do you want to AUTHENTICALLY EXPRESS yourself?

What you choose to wear has a profound effect on you spiritually

These times that we are living in are CALLING US UP to VIBRATE at a HIGHER FREQUENCY.

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