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What you choose to wear has a profound effect on you spiritually

Did you know that what you choose to wear has a profound effect on you spiritually?


Yes, that’s right.

Your clothing can connect you to God, to the Divine, to your Higher Self.

The trouble is, we have all been deeply programmed to believe that how you express yourself through STYLE is just a superficial thing.

What we wear serves no greater purpose than merely a functional covering for our bodies.

How blinded we have become!

The fashion industry knows that style is a POWERFUL tool for transformation. They constantly wield their clothing as a weapon against us.

Just take a look at how they dress the rich and famous and the drab uniform they’ve programmed us to wear!

This is the reason why our unique cultural dress has been stamped out. That is the reason why the world has had to adopt a westernized homogenized version of a so-called acceptable “uniform.”

The fashion industry knows that they can use fashion as a symbol of their absolute authority over us so that we are subconsciously caught up in a loop of endless spending money on their clothes.

Why else would they be the second biggest global polluter?

I’d like to share 5 important SECRETS the fashion industry will NEVER reveal about how you can use style to connect with your Higher Self:

1). Always dress with INTENTION.

2). Always have a VISION in mind when choosing your clothes.

3). Dress in clothes that make you feel like your NEXT LEVEL SELF.

4). Always BREAK FASHION RULES (because that’s how the fashion industry has kept us stuck in their subconscious programming)

5). See your wardrobe as a RETURN ON INVESTMENT (why else would the rich and famous spend BILLIONS OF DOLLARS on clothing every year?)

STYLE is so much more than just your clothes. STYLE is your way of communicating your ideas and your aspirations and your personal power through what you wear.

With your style, you announce to others who you are, what you care about and who you aspire to become.

STYLE can transform your sense of self and help you to step into new possibilities. You BECOME what you wear.

When you dress with intention and connect with an identity, a vision and a purpose, it is MASSIVELY impactful and powerful. You excel RAPIDLY as a result in every area of your life.

Want to know what your style is speaking? Click here to find out.

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