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How do you want to AUTHENTICALLY EXPRESS yourself?

The OLD WORLD as we know it is fading away. The New Earth is emerging and raising up a new breed of leaders. The Age of Authenticity demands that we are in complete alignment with our message and our mission in a spirit of truth and transparency - embodying it INSIDE and OUT.

We are excited to be part of this movement as a trailblazer in the STYLE industry, unearthing an ancient wisdom and spirituality with clothing that has been buried and lost to the generations for many years.

When we look back to North American indigenous tribal people, as well as many other ancient tribal groups, they created garments that connected them to the Earth and their Divine purpose. Doing this awakened a consciousness within them that enabled them to do greater things.

They never thought for a second about fashion trends. They never asked themselves, "Is this too short for me? Is this appropriate for the occasion? Is this the right color for my skin? Do I look good in this? Do my thighs look too big in this? Do I need to lose 10 pounds to wear this? Is this Gucci or a look alike of Gucci -- 'cuz if it's not a fancy designer label or a knock off, I don't want to have anything to do with it!"

They chose their garments with a specific vision in mind, aligned to their Divine purpose. When they adorned themselves with eagle feathers, buffalo skins, jewels, and strings of colorful beads, they felt a Divine blessing and a deep spiritual connection within themselves. They dressed their SOULS.

We've lost that spiritual connection with our clothes. We have become so hyper fixated with our physical bodies that the only thing that matters is HOW WE APPEAR TO OTHERS. If we want to fit in with the rest of society, we must fit the beauty standards and the PROPER dress code of the day. If we don't, we will be shamed and judged for not fitting what is deemed to be 'IN-appropriate.' That is, whatever the fashion industry has dictated to us for this particular year and this particular season.

This way of thinking about clothing is complete and utter nonsense. It has completely disconnected us from our spiritual connection to our TRUE selves and how we want to express our Divine purpose with our unique style. It has drained every ounce of OUR SELF EXPRESSION from our minds and hearts, making sure that we stop ourselves from coming out of hiding.

The question we all need to ask is "How do I want to AUTHENTICALLY EXPRESS myself?"

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