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Get Dressed Be Self Expressed Invitation

Get Dressed Be Self Expressed Invitation

When the famous photographer, Edward Curtis, set out to create a photographic record of the lives of Indigenous people groups, he first encountered resistance.

Indigenous people believed they would lose their spirit if their image was captured on film.

White people laughed at such a superstitious idea, further adding to their belief that Indigenous people were a primitive culture.

There’s more wisdom in these words than we care to acknowledge or give credit to.

The Indigenous people believed they would lose their connection to spirit — their own spirit.

They intuitively knew that they would start to see themselves through the eyes of the other.


Disconnected from their own feelings and personal experience.

Caring more what an outside observer may think.

I invite you to look carefully at Edward Curtis' photo of the Indigenous man on the left.

Notice how he carries himself in the clothes he wears. There is a raw piece of humanity in this photo, untouched by ego. His strong spirit shines through.

Now notice the photo of the men on the right. Consider how our culture bombards with messages that keep us stuck in an egoic place.

Beauty ads that call out our flaws.

Fashion police who tell us what not to wear.

Societal dress codes that mandate what is “appropriate attire.”

Fashion trends that program us to adopt their uniform.

Selfie photos that prompt us to pose like models in a fashion shoot.

Full self expression does not imply that the experience is always pleasant. Especially as we become aware of how much we have been controlled by the oppressive systems around us.

Full self expression is, rather, a discovery of desires.

This is my invitation to you today.

Notice how your body feels in the clothes you are wearing. Do you feel fully self expressed?

Today is a Great Day to Get Dressed & Be Self Expressed.

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