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Dress Your Best Self Transformational Group Program

If you're here, it's likely because you're looking at your wardrobe and thinking,

"I'm tired of wearing the same thing every day!

I want to show up as the authentic, heart centred Influencer I know I am in an even bigger, bolder way!

I want the kind of wardrobe that will land me the corporate clients, the major speaking gigs, or even the media opportunities!"

Chances are, there's probably a part of you that's a little scared to change things up.

If that's you, I want you to know you're not alone.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, everyone started wearing pajamas while they worked from home.

"What's the point of getting dressed?" was the big question ALL professionals were asking themselves now that they no longer had anywhere important to go, except for being stuck indoors.

And now that it's almost 2022, this style trend has become a habit that feels a little challenging for everyone to break.

Yet at the same time, there's a part of you that can't seem to shake off a feeling deep down inside. It's like you are yearning for A STYLE YOU CAN CALL YOUR OWN. A STYLE THAT REFLECTS YOUR BRIGHT FUTURE for your life AND your business.

You want to wear clothes that exude the confident, radiant, and successful leader you know you are.



Because right now, your current wardrobe is not inspiring you to dream AT ALL. You're tired of wearing the same drab, oversized clothes all day that are making you look and feel drained.

You KNOW there’s so much more potential in you that you're not fully expressing on the outside. You want to step out like the amazing Changemaker you are WITHOUT looking frumpy or outdated.

You want clothes that actually fit your body and make you feel like A MILLION BUCKS everywhere you go. Yet wherever you look, stores and boutiques are offering more and more variations of the same old boring pajamas or lounge wear.

And that's not the vision you see for yourself. You don't want to wear clothes that drain your energy -- you want to CREATE AN AUTHENTIC STYLE THAT UP LEVELS YOU AND INSPIRES YOU TO DREAM BIG. Even BIGGER than you ever imagined.

You're in the right place. We know that clothing speaks to us just as much as it speaks to others. The clothes we wear can have a powerful impact on everything we do.

We know the importance of expressing our true selves through the way we dress. This is where fashion and style truly comes to life.

That's why we created this program. We are here to interrupt the fashion industry.

These are changing times and now more than ever we need a powerful way to express ourselves.

We have been helping career and business women like you to dress their MILLION DOLLAR SELVES with amazing results.

We started sharing our unique style methods with heart centered, spiritually minded women leaders all around the world who were stuck in both their professional lives as well as in their personal lives.

These were women who had a pattern of choosing the same clothes year after year because they struggled with low self worth around themselves and their bodies.

They wanted the style that would land them the speaking gigs, the major media opportunities, or the high level corporate clients. They wanted the wardrobe that would open doors to meeting and marrying the man of their dreams.

And within a matter of days of learning our style methods, something remarkable happened to them.

...They started taking full length selfies of their bodies.

...They started loving the parts of themselves they used to hide: their faces, their arms, their thighs, their so called, "figure flaws" for the first time EVER in their lives.

...They effortlessly began to drop the weight they had been trying forever to lose.

...They began to fully appreciate how truly beautiful they are, on the INSIDE AND the OUTSIDE.

Then they got super creative.

...They got rid of all their baggy, flowy, unshapely, oversized clothes.

...They started wearing colors, shapes and styles they had never worn before.

...They began favoring beautiful, quality clothes that hugged their curves instead of trying to hide so called "negative body parts."

...They spontaneously combined color combinations and styles they had never worn before.

...They started to express their unapologetically amazing, unstoppable, Million Dollar Selves.

It was like watching these women transform from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly overnight.

They were shedding their old identity like a worn out skin that no longer served them.

They were letting go of their deeply held thoughts, beliefs and patterns about who they thought they were.

Beliefs about their bodies, their age, or their size and more importantly, their worth.

They were no longer slaves to yo-yo dieting, body shaming beliefs, fashion trends or rules or professional dress codes.

They finally gave themselves the permission to FEEL GOOD IN THEIR OWN SKIN NOW by choosing to love who they are and show up looking and feeling like a MILLION BUCKS.

They started seeing themselves in a completely NEW WAY because they were radiating AN UNSTOPPABLE SELF CONFIDENCE from the inside out.

Then something even more incredible happened.

One after another, these women started to break through the glass ceiling of all their limitations.

Even though they had been stuck for years, replaying the same stories about financial lack, being an introvert, or overweight or single for years and years...

Almost overnight, they started effortlessly attracting exactly what they wanted.

  • Speaking gigs

  • Media exposure

  • Corporate clients

  • High paying clients

  • Dream joint venture partners

  • The love of their life

What's even more remarkable, these women started calling in high levels of abundance. And they didn't even have a website, a business or even a social media following!

And many of these women who were terrified to date after being single for years were even able to attract the man of their dreams!

What they had tapped into was irresistible. POWERFUL. In fact, more powerful than they ever knew.

When they began to dress like their Million Dollar Selves, they were able to tap into their soul essence. They finally broke free of old egoic patterns around feeling unworthy and they fully stepped into their true, divine feminine power as women.

They stopped waiting for someone to give you permission to make big changes around how they show up and/or the way they look.….whether that was the fashion industry, their mother, their best friend, their boyfriend or husband. They now had the confidence to take themselves to the edge of what was possible for them in their business.

When they wore the power of the feminine on the outside, what was on the inside was projected outwards and they excelled massively as a result.

They experienced a Million Dollars worth of change. An absolute change in their environment, finances, and business.

“I never realized how much I had been hiding -- in every area of my life. Your styling support is sooo appreciated and the money spent is worth it sooo much!” 

~ Christina Wessendorf, Independent Coaching Brand, Germany, Egypt & International

This is why we created this 6 week group program. We want to take you through your very own Dress Your Best Self Transformation.



The spirit of your uniqueness can only be revealed through your ability to come home to EXPRESS WHO YOU ARE.


The spirit of your purpose can only be acknowledged through your ability to come home to EXPRESS WHO YOU ARE.


The spirit of your personality can only be seen through your ability to come home to EXPRESS WHO YOU ARE.


The spirit of your prosperity can only be delivered through your ability to come home to EXPRESS WHO YOU ARE.




It's time to be it on the outside as well as the inside.

Nothing will ever be the same again.

With our style methods, here's what you receive in just 6 weeks:

✓  A Complete Million Dollar Style Transformation

✓  We Enable You to Unblock Your Feminine Energy  

✓  We Empower You to Step into Your Next Level Self

✓  We Show You How to Legacy Build and Create a Fashion Vision Board to Build an Intentional Style Around Your Goals and Dreams for Your Business

✓  We Dive Deep into You, Your Patterns and Your Wardrobe to Determine What to Keep and What to Eliminate.

✓  You Receive The Million Dollar Style Method™ so that You Can Create Your Own Style From a Place of Power, Authenticity, Abundance, and Body Confidence

✓  We Enable You to Find Your Superhero Cape — an Item of Clothing that Activates Unstoppable Confidence in You

✓  You'll be Able to Create Power Outfits That You Can Wear Anytime, Anywhere, Any place by Combining Your Superhero Cape with Existing Pieces in Your Closet

✓  We Identify Your Style Gaps to Update Your Wardrobe and Curate Best Places to Purchase Quality, Timeless Pieces in a Pandemic 

✓  You get a Done-For-You Million Dollar Style Look Book Template  — Your Complete Go-to-Guide of Your Style Transformation and all Your Power Outfits for Your Speaking Engagements, Networking Events, TV interviews, and Live Videos 

Plus, you receive three months of hands on Styling and Mindset SUPPORT via our private Voxer Channel and our private Mighty Networks group.

It's easy to sign up. Click the "I Want This" button to get started.

How is this group program different from anything else you’ve ever seen:

✓  We get you BIG results in as little as 2 - 3 days. After working with us, our clients feel fully self expressed with their unique authentic style and have never needed us or our services again.

  ✓  Our clients have such unstoppable confidence and inner radiance they find themselves achieving things they never thought they could accomplish — attracting high level clients, high level business opportunities and speaking engagements.

  ✓  In most cases, after 60 years of pain with their wardrobes, our clients have built a wardrobe they absolutely love (and continue to love!)

  ✓  Our clients now fully embrace and celebrate their beautiful bodies, their unique individuality, their age, their size while wearing clothes they love.

  ✓  We enable you find your Superhero Cape that activates unstoppable confidence and helps you to instantly embody your Next Level Self.

  ✓  Most stylists dress you according to fashion rules and trends — which are constantly changing, making it impossible to continue to put together a style together you love.

  ✓  Most stylists dress you according to who you are and how they think you should look according to the latest fashion rules. They are focused on how you look, not on how you FEEL in the clothes you wear.

  ✓  Creating an authentic, statement-ed style is actually all about empowering you to feel like and embody the high level leader and expert you aspire to become.

  ✓ Our methods empower you to embrace and celebrate your unique individuality, your age, your body and your size with your style -- instead of trying to hide or camouflage your true self and your so called "figure flaws." We recognize that all of these are just negative programs of the fashion industry.

 ✓ We dress you according to your true essence and energy so you wear clothes that make you feel abundant, vibrant, and irresistibly magnetic.

 ✓ When you unleash your feminine energy and your Next Level Self with your style this gives you the ability to affect powerful change within you and around you.

 ✓  We help you to be in tune with your authentic, powerful, Next Level Self — instead of following superficial, market-driven fashion trends.

 ✓  We help you build your Million Dollar wardrobe with the right focused intention and a purposeful vision so that your style is in perfect alignment with your vision and your brand.

 ✓ We help you buy quality timeless pieces made with luxurious fabrics, textures and prints — for prices that will blow your mind!

 ✓  We empower you to buy less, not more — instead of filling up your closet every season with the hottest looks.

 ✓  We enable you to create a style that enables you to express your soul — without buying into the fashion industry’s vision for global market share.

Our methods are so life changing we guarantee them.

After fully completing this program, you have the tools to be your own stylist and will never need us or our services again. You will absolutely fall in love with your body and yourself and wake up every day excited to get dressed. AND the unshakeable confidence you feel spills over into every single area of your life.

Who are we and what makes us different.

We are Annie & Sarah, Team Ascension Stylist

⮕ We are a Mother and Daughter duo and have been Trailblazers for change in the STYLE industry since 2013. We are the go to experts for creating a Million Dollar Style that activates power and unstoppable confidence and perfectly aligns with your vision and your brand.

⮕ We are all about ancient wisdom, going deep into your purpose and connecting to the wisdom of your soul to facilitate a massive awakening through style.

⮕ We have been incorporating style and new DNA encoding and re-patterning of the body, mind and spirit connection to really support the next level self to achieve the most remarkable results.

⮕ We have proven this over and over again with the hundreds of women we have helped. Annie Francesca, The Founder of The Million Dollar Style Method™, takes clothing from being frivolous and superficial and turns it into something magically transformative.

⮕ We have been teaching our clients since 2013 how to use clothing to step into a high level identity with remarkable, life changing results.

⮕  We are experts at finding beautiful clothing either online or in person. Annie has been shopping online and scoring beautiful clothes for next to nothing since 1997.

⮕  Annie Francesca used the Million Dollar Style Method™ to overcome an incurable cancer diagnosis, publish a book, speak on stages, travel the world and attract her ideal clients by changing her style — even though she was sick, broke, homeless, and suffered from extremely low self confidence and body confidence.

It's easy to sign up. Click the "I Want This" button to get started.

Image credits: lookstudio/freepik.com

  • A 6 Week Group Program for Spiritually Minded, Heart Centred Business Women Who are Ready to Create an Authentic Statement-ed Style of the Spirit that Exudes Confidence, Feminine Power & Unlocks the Storehouse of Abundance in Your DNA
  • Million Dollar Style Transformation$10,000 Value
  • Unblocking Your Feminine Energy $1000 Value
  • Stepping into Your Best Self$1000 Value
  • Legacy Building and Fashion Vision Boarding$1000 Value
  • Diving Deep into You and Your Wardrobe $1000 Value
  • The Million Dollar Style Method™$1000 Value
  • Finding Your Superhero Cape $1000 Value
  • Creating Power Outfits $1000 Value
  • Identifying Your Style Gaps $1000 Value
  • Your own Million Dollar Style Look Book $1000 Value
  • Three months of hands on Styling and Mindset SUPPORT $1000 Value
  • Transformational Fashion Graduation Party Priceless!
  • PLUS: Three months of hands on Styling and Mindset SUPPORT via our private Voxer Channel and our private Mighty Networks group. Priceless!
  • Total Value Over $20,000.00 worth of action, accountability and support


Dress Your Best Self Transformational Group Program

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